Saturday, February 6, 2010


Photograph by Steve Apps-AP
The Mid-Atlantic is currently being pelted by what the President dubbed, "Snowmageddon." The storm has been powerful enough to topple power lines, crush an airport hangar, cause several car crashes, and send in 400 National Guard troops to help with snow removal.

Of course I just happened to be on the road for a 600 mile trip during the start of the storm. There weren't very many places to take cover, but I did manage to find an interesting truck stop off of I-81 (exit 205) in Raphine, Virginia, called White's Truck Stop.

Amongst insiders White's Truck Stop is also known as “Whitey's Motorcycle Shop”. This stop has an array of vintage cycles on display, as well as a substantial gun and knife collection, wildlife head mountings, and a big stuffed alligator.

Photograph by Janet Galore

White’s also has a 24-hour restaurant teeming with comfort food. Depending on the night of the week, you can nab a $9.99 “all you can eat” special such as spaghetti, liver'n onions, roast sirloin, “cat fish”, country ham, or roast chicken; dinners often include a trip to the “sallet bar”. They have a room reserved just for truckers - although, I manged to make my way in! Other dining options include a cafeteria, convenience food, and fast food. Even if you're not a trucker, White's truck stop is worth the detour especially if you're craving comfort food and you can't get home.