Monday, March 1, 2010


During the 14 months that Desiree Rogers held office as the Obama's Social Secretary, she oversaw at least 330 White House events. Most White House staffers have upheld a tradition of carrying a low profile status. However, Ms. Rogers appeared very comfortable being in the limelight. She didn't seem to think twice about sitting in the front row of a haute couture fashion runway show or being the covergirl for Vanity Fair, Vogue, and WSJ magazine. Rogers was once quoted as saying, "We have the best brand on the Earth: the Obama brand......Our possibilities are endless."

I'm quite certain Ms. Rogers had no idea that her tenure at the White House would cease this week when she made that statement last year. Her position came under intense internal scrutiny when the Salahie couple crashed the First Obama State Dinner. Before the Obama administration, the Social Secretary was expected to coordinate operations behind the scenes. Desiree Rogers may not be the first Social Secretary to sit at a state dinner, but she is the first one in memory to overlook the detail seeing guest properly checked into the White House.

When I was hired as Executive Chef at the White House, Ann Stock (former Social Secretary) informed me,"Don't define yourself by how close you stand to the President in pictures, just try to do your best to make the President look good by doing your job perfectly." She's right. I hope the new Social Secetary understands the importance of what Ann conveyed to me. There is a lot to be said of traditional worker bees who are not distracted by immediate personal gain for the sake of helping others achieve success.