Friday, December 12, 2008


Sunset Photo by MiamiTom@

Art Basel has a reputation as being the most prestigious contemporary art show in the world. I have never been to Switzerland to see this event, but if this statement is true I count myself very fortunate to have seen its sister show in Florida - Art Basel Miami. The supply of interpretive works (both strange and beautiful) seemed to be never ending. The show is astounding.
I discovered Art Basel in Miami's Art Deco District at the convention center. The event showcases more than 200 art galleries and 2,000 plus artists. It is one spectacular eye candy party that pans over film, music, live performances, architecture, design, and artistic works. There are several satellite venues that branch off of Art Basel. One of these off shoots is the called "Art Positions." This show was created to reflect innovative cutting edge pieces. What I loved about it is that the imaginative people who run the show made a small village out of cargo containers. Patrons were encouraged to browse these miniature art galleries at their leisure. I took every advantage to see and enjoy as much as I could. If you have never been before, mark the next show on your calendar - same time next year, 2009.